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The use of electric buses in your town

It is generally accepted that we will not be able to use both diesel and petrol for the cars. This alternative energy source is contributing to pollution. One of the most common inovations that contribute to reduce pollution are the electirc buses, but does this solve our energy problmes?

It is well known that electric buses are clean enery source. Not only is it sustainable, bnut is is also cheap. Lso more accesible or easier to get it. They are perfect for the city.

However, there are also some disadvantatges. This buses need a connector and in our city there are only 3.

In conclusion, there are many advantates and olly one disadvantages of electic buses, but in my opinion, we should use more this type of alternative source to help saving our planet,

divendres, 29 d’abril de 2016


Dear Editor,
I am writing in response to an article in yesterday’s issue of your newspaper which claimed that the books are a thing of the past and we have to change it to computers. I completely disagree with the article and I would like to point out why the books are better to learn than computers.
Firstly, books don’t harm the eyes such as computers because this modern technology causes the growth of children with vision problems that have to wear glasses. The books obviously are more useful because you can scratch, underline, and mark the important words. Unlike the books, you don’t need internet and when it is not found you can’t use the computer.

Next, studies have shown that students that have to search the information in the books learn more than students that look for the information on the computers because the last, only copy and paste the information and they can connect easily to the chat or other pages when they should be working. On the other hand the people who use the book have to read and write all another time with her own words and summarizing each page.
Finally, I am due to use books in class and when I am studying because I learn more, however I sometimes search information using the computer but I know that I don't learn and as soon as I can I connect to a chat at the time that I should be studying so it harms me. In concussion definitely books cannot be changed by computers. I therefore suggest you think carefully before printing such comments.

Kind regards,

Xènia Salellas 


My name is Xènia, in this video I'm going to explain my trip to Italy with my class and two teachers. Firstly we went to Sirmione and Verona, secondly we went to Venice, then we stay to Firenze and finally to Luca and Pisa. It was an amazing trip, we visited lots of thing and we had a lot of fun.

One the first day I woke up at 4:45 am because I had to be in the school at 5:15 and we took the bus to Barcelona airport. The plane trip wasn't too long so we arrive at Milan at 10:30 more or less. Next we move by bus to Sirmione. There we lunch a delicious Italian pizza and after we visited the city concretely Lago di Garda. Latter we went to Verona by bus, firstly we leaved the baggage in the hotel and then we started the city tour with the Arena. I enjoyed a lot this monument and I took lots of photos in the inside and I also sang because it had a good acoustic. At the evening we strolled into the alleys and squares and we lunch pasta in a restaurant. Before we returned to the hotel we continue visiting the city.

The second day was the best because in my opinion we visited the best city, Venice. In the morning we took a train that took us to this beautiful city. There we started visiting the awesome monuments and then we arrived in a surprising square called Piazza di San Marco that fascinatd me especially the basilica. At the end of the moring we visited an interesting Murano workshop. Latter we had lunch and in the free time we took a gondola and we enjoyed the trip going into the canals. Also we saw the entire city after we climbed the tower. Finally we took the Vaporeto that took us to the station by the time that we were enjoying the lasts minutes in this town. When we arrived we spent the last night in Verona going shopping and visiting other things of the city.

The third day we had to change the hotel and the city so in the  morning we took two trains to arrive at Firenze. There with the baggage we had to walk until we arrived at the hotel. Then we started visiting popular monuments like Santa Maria del Fiore and the Ponte Vecchio while we were going to the restaurant. As soon as we finished we continued with the route visiting a big marquet with delicious typical products and later, at the free time we went to buy some souvenirs, typical food and we walked around the city. In the evening when we went to dinner we found a musician that sang very well so we stopped to hear him. After the dinner we returned to visit the city because at night with the lights it was also wonderful.

On the fourth day we visited The Uffizzi Gallery with the awesome paintings like The Annunciation that I presented. After that we visited Santa Maria del Fiore and we saw the indoors. Then we went to the top, in the dome and we had to climb around 500 steps it was very tired however it worth it because we could see all Firenze, it was an incredible view.. Latter we visited the Baptistery that had golden paintings in the ceiling. As soon as we finished the lunch we walk to the Academy where we could visit, David of Micheael Angelo. Then we had to climb another monument, Giotto Campanile and we could see Firenze from another perspective watching Santa Maria Del Fiore After the visit we have free time to visit what we want, to by the lasts souvenirs or to relax,  this this time I wanted a caricature. Finally we had dinner and we had fun listening to music, dancing and visiting again the incredible Ponte Vecchio.

The last day we leaft the hotel and we went to Lucca by bus. We stayed there for two hours. There we only walked watching their churches, squares and streets. After that we stayed in the square of the amphitheatre and we drank a Coke. Finally we stroll along the wall and we scrolled to Pisa the last destination. We entrie into the city by train and then we had a delicious lunch. After that we visited the baptistery, the cathedral and of course the tower of Pisa that impressed me. Some people climbed the leaning tower to appreciate the inclination and to view the landscape and later we went down where we took the famous photo with the tower. Finally we went by bus to the airport finishing this amazing trip that I’ll never forget. There we had to wait for the plane while we met a school of Llagostera and we spent the time singing.  After the plane trip we arrived in Barcelona and later to Banyoles.

I’m very glad of this trip because it was awesome and I enjoyed it a lot  with my friends.



Dear Mr O’Toole
Thank you for the information about hiring a Thames River boat. I would like to make a reservation for a group of 10 people. To make the reservation I send a cheque of $25 the 10% of the total. I would like a DJ for entertainment, but could you tell me the cost of this, please? I have special requests because two guests want the vegetarian menu. My name is Athelney Jones.
I’m waiting for an answer, see you soon!

Miss Jones


I improve my English watching English films and listening songs. But definitely the thing that helps me the most to improve my English is the rural house of my parents because each summer I help them with the tourists, and my parents feel proud of me because they don’t speak English. I have to talk with them and explain the rules, some instructions, recommendations of restaurants… I think it is a good experience because each week of the holidays I speak with a different family with different nationality. Also I feel lucky because I don’t have to travel to talk English, and it’s a good way to practice and to establish a conversation with people of another country that maybe, the language isn’t English so they can’t speak very well English like me.


Day 1:

I've just taken up the Dance Club, a group of young girls who believe in creating a fantastic dance show during the Christmas days and to teach basically steps to the beginners girls. I participate at the club three afternoons a week. The people there are really friendly, and outgoing. They love dancing and we have in common the same hobby. I spend the first class dancing and learning a choreography which was good fun, but now I've got some bruises because I fell two times.

Day 2:

Today I invented a dance with the other girls for the function. The experience really helped the young girls to improve their movements and they enjoyed themselves a lot. Later we prepared the scenery of the show and we spent the day doing crafts and painting. Now I'm really tired and dirty because at the end we did a painting war. Well, I'll be in a good shape soon, because in only one day I transport 20 boxes of material for the spectacle.

Day 3:

The kids were very excited this class so we calmed them down doing a relaxing class. We layed on the floor we closed the eyes and we spent half an hour breathing and listening to calm music. The Dance Club believe that if you teach calm kids you will work better and dance perfectly. I couldn't agree more!


Hi Susan,
My name is Xènia, I’m 15 years old. My favorite activity is the dance however I also like acting in a show. I hate computer games, in my opinion are absolutely boring. My school name is Casa Nostra, is located in Porqueres. We have lots of teachers. My favorite subjects are P.E and Technology.
See you soon. Love

Last year, my friend Sam went to Africa with his family. He travelled to Africa at the beginning of the summer at the month of July so the weather was warm and hot. There he explore the place, climbed mountains, went to a safari… He likes the indigenes people because they were very kindly and he hate the weather is too hot for him.


Hi auntie,
How are you? I hope you’re well. I’m writing to tell you about my new friend. She’s a bit shy but she’s a lovely and stylish girl too. Her name is Paula, she’s 16 years old. She’s from Tarragona. In my opinion she’s very tall, with curly and brown hair. She loves music and animals but she hates sports. Her dogs name is Rit.
Lots of love,

Last weekend I went to Barcelona with a friend. We got up at 8 o’clock. As soon as we arrived we went to visit our lovely friend because she was at the hospital. We were talking and laughing a lot but also my friend and I we felt gloomy because our fried was ill. After we went to a restaurant to ate a salad and we went to bed at eleven o’clock.


Hi, David!
I’m anxious to see you next Saturday.
First, when you arrive we will go for a walk around the lake, then we can take the traditional train in Banyoles to got to the center and there we‘ll have lunch in a good restaurant. After that we take a bus and we’ll go to Girona and then we’ll go shopping.
Important! We’ll meet at the bus station at 9a.m,

Last night I went to Carla’s house. It is a large house in the mountain. We were alone and the night was dark and windy. We were alone and the night was dark and windy. We were watching a film and suddenly heard a strange voice. We felt scared and frightened, and we shouted. The new went to look if there was a person but we realized that the radio was opened.


My favourite relative is my mum, Cati. She is shy, kindly and pretty. The thing that is so special in her is that she’s a strong person and she can do lots of things at the same time like a superwoman. I like her green eyes, her curly hair and her enthusiasm. We get on well together because we’re very similar, we have the same personality. All the moments with her are special but today is so special because is her birthday and I have prepared a surprise. In the morning I have given her a present and she was very happy.